5 years

This November past, I have now been a motel operator for 5 years.

I can share alot of what I have learned, some of what I have learned was a matter of having to.  You are always told going into a motel business from experienced tourism operators to “make sure you have time for you guys” which means time you are not at the business.

At first we could not do this, however once you have been working 24/7 for a few years you are hanging out for a break and time away from telephones and internet and people.  We nearly did 3 years full time but not now, we are looking forward to every break we have.  I tell my friends and family, I do not get weekends, so when we take time off, its a minimum of 5 days.   Also you have to pay for someone to run your motel this can be really expensive.

I love what I do, it was never something I thought when I left school would be a career, but it is.  It ticks my boxes of dealing with people and looking after others I also do the marketing/social media and administration so it has been very rewarding.  There are about 22 Motels in our area, it can be competitive especially in winter.

Here is what I have learned.

  • Never trust a person that wants to get credit.
  • Trust your instincts
  • Everyone has value in life
  • Guests are making memories
  • Having speed dial is awesome
  • People only look after your place if they see the value and if they have not paid physically they do not see the value of your establishment.
  • Listen to those that know.
  • Talk to others doing the same occupation, it is a unique life only some appreciate.

I will share more later.




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