Cornwall Park

Close by to where our location is, a park with alot to offer.

Imagine 8 hectares of land just for one park.  Cornwall park is surrounded by residential areas and has alot of parking around the edge.  It has many features.

Events held here often, we have a summer in the park just here with local musicians (concerts) through summer.  Also the way the playground comes to life as an adventure for children is something that is fun for the tiny people.  The ducks are the gaurdians and swim in their very own pond, making this a fun activity to feed ducks all year around and they know it.  The chinese gardens are a lovely spot and are called Osmanthus Gardens it has a traditional lighting here is an information snipet CLICK HERE


There is so much there I think the council list is best and here it is:

Key features

  • Sportsground
  • Toilets
  • Splashpad
  • Aviary
  • Premier Cricketground
  • Duck pond
  • Picnic tables
  • Park bench
  • Playground
  • Drinking fountain
  • Wheelchair friendly play equipment
  • Public gardens

My son loves going and playing rugby there and in summer going under sprinklers.  Heaps of little people love the water feature through summer and it’s just a nice place to be that costs zero.  I love parks, you can make memories there and have good quality time together and you can take a picnic or just a blanket and lay under a tree reading a book if you want.

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We have lots of other parks, but this is my favourite one.

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