How to get the best price with accommodation?

My guess is an inside scoop would help you more when booking your room than anything else.  The thing is in accommodation world, it has some very big players.  What you may not realise and many others is they are from all over the globe the agent sites. is in the Netherlands and they have purchased other accommodation assets.  They have the best mobile app, that can be the one reason they are chosen, another is they are big and can buy market share.  Expedia have assets to so you do not realise always that you may think it is local, but it is not.  So what does it mean for you and your budget?

Well in New Zealand the best way to get a good deal is talk to the managers/ the owners or the establishments very own website.  We cannot do alot here but a phone call at times means we can give you a better deal.  We can put good deals on our website often, however it is always like anything you do whats easiest.

Using myself as an example.  If you book a room for 4 on the agent websites, you will pay a fair low price, however if you call and ask for my winter deal (1may to 30 September 2017) I will give you a one bedroom for 4 people for $130.00.  In the summer that same room $175.00 for four .  It is a supply and  demand industry so I can do that deal over the phone(busy times prices go up).  It is not available anywhere else.

So take this as an inside scoop.  Hotel chains sometimes do better deals on their websites you definately need to shop around and you can get a good deal if you use some of these tactics.

Hopefully my tips can help you get a great deal.

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