Best Winer & Diner?

Since Hawkes bay is Middle North Island you may wonder about the types of food and dining experiences on offer.  We do not mind you asking at all.

The best way to explain our part of North Island is we have something for everyone.  If you want fast food or a real dining experience we have it all.  If you want low key dining, we have that.  If you want a cultured dining experience, we have that.

When you are spoiled for choice you become quite a expert in your own rights.  If you have tried quite a bit of restaurants throughout New Zealand you will notice every chef has a specialty and fresh food is a must.  AS we are in a full blown agricultural area you can find restaurants that really hone their skills to our food on offer.

We offer dining experiences with good wine makers, which you will find a fabulous restaurant with many of our popular wineries.  Tastings are really popular and also Tours that take you through to many areas which is quite good as you are taken around and given a authentic experience.  What is good is their are Wine tours that are on bikes and you can even do your own.  When you go to your isite or accommodation provider check for the wine tour map, you will see many wineries and you can call them to find out more.

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