How to get around New Zealand

Whether you travel for culture, adventure, authentic travelling, free spirit, whatever your travel sense, you can have your experience here.  We have a way to keep everyone happy in New Zealand.  We even have designer holidays if need be.

The types of travel in New Zealand that are available are trains (in certain parts of New Zealand), Taxis, Car Rentals (some buy a car for long term travel), boats, ships, motor homes etc.. its the same type of travel anywhere.

The type of accommodations vary also.

Hotels = One room with bed and ensuite room typically.  Sheets cleaned daily.  Normally basic tea and coffee and everything costs in fridges.  Wifi is typical and restaurant on property.  (Double check amenities).  You can get varying styles so see what is on offer, can depend on age of establishment and areas.

Motels = You can get studios(open plan room), one bedrooms (typical bedroom but has a lounge that often converts to a bedroom also, two bedroom, Ensuite (basic room with kitchenettes). They will have servicing, sheets maybe done every second to 7th day depending on establishment.  They have kitchens, bathrooms.  Good to long term travelling as you have your own space.  Most have laundry on site so you can take a limited amount of clothing and keep it laundered.  You will do this for yourself, really good for independant travelling.  Always check what is available.  Not all are the same.

Backpacker = This can vary also, it is often shared kitchens, bathrooms,  laundries, bedroom is often a lockable door.  Sometimes you can get a mini unit and sometimes your own bathroom so again check it out.  Backpacking is used as it is very competitive with pricing, not easy though with children.

Hostel =  Typically communal sleeping and eating, kitchen and laundry.  Sometimes you can get a room to share with a few.

Batches = These can be gems in the rough, but no servicing, maybe no linen, no towelling.  The attraction is you pay one fee and put many on the batch and have some in tents outside, so you fit many persons normally that’s acceptable.  You can get some awesome venues and get some really nice batches.

Bed and Breakfast = It is how it says, you get a room and breakfast it is normally within a home or professional Bed and Breakfast venue.  Hosts will make sure you have company and great service, normally you get your own ensuite and the choices can vary depending on hosts.

Camping = A favourite amongst many but takes a very organised traveller as you need quite a bit of gear.  If you are venturing over, maybe even look on a place like trademe for affordable gear it is known for a great deal or two.  Camping you will need to get all your bedding including matresses and everything you organise.  Camping venues often have motor homes, caravans, cabins, motels depending on venues so you are sharing with many.  Also with freedom camping that is a whole different deal.  Normally one night only allowed at venues and you must clean up everything or you can be fined.  It is important to understand what is expected where you go and respect where you are and the rules they have.

Budget conscious travellers will really weigh up what is on offer and what you get for your money.  Since when you come over from another place, you often do not have anything but your clothing and a suitcase.  So considering this, this can mean your choices can change or it can get more affordable to cook for yourself instead of eating out.  So you need to think of accommodation that has kitchens. Often budget travellers use Backpackers and motels.  Motels can vary in price and if a motel is shared sometimes it works out cheaper than backpacker and you do not have to share a shower and toilet.

For any traveller to New Zealand, you will have to make sure you take lots of photos.  You will see waterfalls, beaches, walking tracks, forestries, luxury stops (thermal hot pools a must) and scenery by the bucket fulls.  You will notice when you stay at different places, you will often find people that live in New Zealand travelling around also.  National travel is quite big in New Zealand and sometimes the best holidays in your own country involve a road trip.  Kiwis are often known to drive somewhere for just the weekend to have a change of scenery.  We are fortunate that we have so many different experiences in our own Country, also we are more than happy to share it.


(Please comment if you have more suggestions from your own ideas and suggestions, we love to hear more ideas)

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