What to do when you have a holiday in winter?

Not everyone can have a holiday in Summer.  Some work places get quiet in the winter and that is when they can have holidays and time off.  It is ok!  There is a plan.

Do not fear, winter can be just as much fun.  If you only get holidays in New Zealand’s winter it is okay, we can help.  So many ideas are brewing as I write.  This is my Hawke’s Bay winter holiday guide.

The winter is a good time for those that do not like swimming, as swimming is about the biggest thing on offer in summer.  However we and many others have hot pools close by. we are lucky enough to have a heated pool and spa pool close by for those that still love a soak.  All throughout New Zealand is heated pools.

In Hawke’s Bay we have quite a few attractions available in winter.  What is good is often you do not have to tackle the crowds in winter.  Also it is off peak pricing for many accommodation establishments so you can get a great deal.  We have many wineries in our area and often have cold nights and sunny days.  If you want to have a tour around here, pre book is required.  We have some operators that will do on bookings only at this time.  So just more organising is often the key to great ideas for winter holidays.

If you are a keen walker, the Doc walks are huge in our area, these are along side all the trails whether it be just for fitness, fun or sightseeing the trails get you off roads and around the areas absorbing the best it has to offer.  Bring your own bike or hire one if you do not have it.  Easy to organise and starts at around $25.00 for 4 hours.

If you love dining out, we are glad to say the restaurants are a hit.  The local crowd knows this so bookings are essential especially for big groups.  I have 4 that I enjoy in a 10 minute radius and I am sure to share with you whenever you prod me for information.  I know promising is not to my advantage as you may hold me to it, but I feel so warm and fuzzy whenever I recommend these good restaurants, and I start salivating at the thought.

For children The local Zoo is a hit, they get to explore, be little people and have an adventure all for them.  Also just the aquarium and technology centres can be a great exploration zone for all ages.

So if you have never been to the Hawke’s Bay, be sure to check out our local goodies so you can have a great experience and an amazing relaxing holiday.

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