Put on your Bucket list!

Ah the bucket list, that list of “stuff” that you want to do before you say goodbye to this world.  Te Mata peak must be there.


If you have not done it yet, you must add Te Mata Peak to this list.  There are a lot of activities at Te Mata Park.  Some of the photos are well worth viewing some have been caught at some magical Moments.  CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY

Te Mata Peak is part of a local park that Local athletes use the hill for a good workout, they use it for epic mountain bike travels (safety first) of course.  Many have a walk daily or weekly as part of a workout or just for fun.  There is a road that goes to top.   The big deal is it shows a great view of Hawke’s Bay.  If you look hard enough you can see the Wharf in Napier (very clear days) and the Clive little quaint town.   You really get a bird’s eye view of our town Hastings, Havelock north you get a bird’s eye view of too.  On a clear day I am always in awe of its majesty.

There is a story of the peak, New Zealand.com tells it quite well HERE

The sky divers in the area have platforms up there and jump off.  One day I went to top and saw a glider dancing around the hill.  He was so happily smiling and would get another gust of wind and up he went again, he had quite an art form.  for anyone with this hobby then this is a good reason to visit.

Havelock North is also a lovely place to visit and is said to just enjoyable to walk around as it is not huge.  With the lovely shops and cafes, it is many an ideal day.  You will go through Havelock North to get to the peak, there was a view that the best time is to see the sun rise there, for me its mid winter clear day and a gorgeous sunny day is my favourite.

If you manage to look at some photos maybe you can also spot me waving?

Photos were found on flickr and google that have a great line of of pictures for reuse.  Here is the search CLICK HERE


(I am not in any photo, its a joke!)

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