New Zealand

Do you wonder what New Zealand has that is so special?

There are plenty of beautiful places to be, we agree!  We also say New Zealand is one of those beautiful places.  We are green, full of trees and authentic people.  If you want a holiday that explores nature this is the safest place to do this, we have no poisonious snakes, our only spider that does any harm is called a white tail.  This can be harmful however I have never known it to kill any humans.

If you love winter life, then I recommend visiting when it is snowing, through out both islands there is snow galore and plenty of amazing adventures to be had.

If you love summer and hot days again a lovely place to be. Have our summer time in Shorts and T-shirts and now and again togs when you need to cool down.  Whether you stop at a rest stop that has a picnic table or a river that has eels or maybe a beach, the variety is why we are a great choice.

We are the land where bungy jumping started.  If someone says hello to you that you do not know, do not be alarmed it is perfectly normal in New Zealand.  If you find a bird chirping a merry tune, that is normal also.

Personally whenever I go away I want to stay in a motel.  If I have a choice it is always a motel.  Motels give you a bed with sheets and linen and blankets and electric blankets (double check) and you have running water in your unit with light cooking, your own toilet that you do not have to share, a shower minimal.  Normally you can find a hair dryer, facecloths, a nice soap and maybe a shampoo.  This makes it perfect for a 3 day to 5 week holiday.  It means you do not have to pack as much and food and clothing will be what you mainly have to worry about.   Motels in New Zealand are actually really well priced, it is so nice to have a shower without anyone listening.

Another point with our country is, you can drive from one end to the other in minimal time.  We can go from Auckland to Hawkes Bay in 5-6 hours.  You can drive the whole island.  it is so easy to get around.  Some people love luxury which we have and some want a raw experience, that we have to.  I think that is what makes it special, you can have a raw touch the dirt experience and in the middle have a soak in a hot pool and get pampered to revitalise you.  What could be better?  New Zealand is full of the small business man/woman that has a product, many have made from scratch.  In our area, we have argiculture so strong, fresh fruit and vegetables you can sort through orchards and buy local.  Also we have bee keepers that sell honey, wine makes that sell wine, artisians, creative people is very strong in our area.  As it is not a big city, it breeds a special kind of kiwi which we are quite proud of.  We are known in our area to be friendly and kind the sort of place if you break down, someone will come along and help.  We do not walk past strangers and never help, we just do not do that not in our nature.

So next time someone says they are going to New Zealand, ask them what type of experience that are going for?  They may surprise you.